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Recent Testimonials

Tony, where to begin…

THANK YOU VERY MUCH for taking on my case as difficult as it was you didn’t give up on me. And I am forever grateful to you and your firm. Of course I will highly recommend you to all my family and friends. And I will also thank Erubiel. Again thank you so much.

Warm Regards, Kate

Hi Dave. This is George’s friend Mike. I met you at your house when we picked up some ammo. You and I were talking about your son’s accident and I wanted to give you our lawyer’s info. He is extremely professional and an absolute killer in court. I think you will find (if you even actually end up in court), that most attorneys will shy away from litigation. Many aren’t very experienced with it and the truth is, the quickest dollar is to settle out of court. Tony is a monster in court and will go to bat for you in any situation. He has no issue litigating. Dave, if it was me I would at least ask Tony for his input. He will shoot straight with what you are currently getting as far as service and potential from your current counsel. We went through it for 2 years about 2 years ago. Its overwhelming at times until you get the right guy. Give him a call and I hope everything works out good for you either way. Have a great weekend.
Unsolicited Testimonial to a Friend About Us

Thank you so much for the hard work you and your legal team put forth in my case. I will ever be grateful and the pleasure was mines. I will campaign for The Piccuta Law Firm on my social media networks. You Rock!!!

Respectfully, Deborah

Dear Mr. Piccuta,

I received a check from your group and I sincerely would like to thank you for all your help to complete this matter.  I’m very glad this incident is over.  With warm regards to you and your family,

Gallagher, YongHwa

Dear Tony,

I intended to drop a line sooner, but time got away.

I want to thank you personally for your stellar job on our behalf. We were aware of the difficulties facing us, but felt so strongly that we needed to at least attempt a challenge to the theft of Kermit’s money and the terrible personal damage thereby inflicted on Kermit and all of our family, that there was little question about going ahead. We feel so fortunate to have found a lawyer who was willing to take the case on contingency. You obviously believed in our cause, and we are aware of your countless hours of relentless pursuit of witnesses and information, preparations of multiple documents, attendance at hearings, etc..

Though the outcome was frustrating because circumstances would not allow us to pursue the issue in court, we are happy to have realized some monetary gain and glad that your efforts were rewarded. I especially take comfort in knowing that they knew they were found out and we made them squirm for over a year .

Finally, let me say how much we have all enjoyed working with you and getting to know you. It was one bright spot in the whole mess. I wish you well in he future, and certainly will enthusiastically recommend you to any referrals.

Thanks to both you and your dad.

Dear Mr. Piccuta,

My name is Heidi Plett, I am the daughter of your client Pamela Owens and the great-granddaughter of J. Kermit Williams.
I just wanted to send you a thank you for all you did for my family; It is really hard to describe how difficult and heartbreaking that entire situation was, and I really appreciated hearing about all you did for us. The case was especially difficult for my grandmother, but I know she was very thankful to have an aggressive attorney go to bat for her. Thank you especially for taking our case on a contingency basis.

Best wishes to you and your family, and thank you again, truly. 🙂

Heidi Plett
Hi Tony,

Just wanted to commend you for your AWESOME rebuttal to their amazing litany of lies and character assassinations. When do you expect the court will rule on this?
Thanks again for all your hard work. You have truly impressed me with your legal prowess and determination and I am convinced we couldn’t be better represented. Best regards,


So my loan guy pulled up our credit reports and the HELOC is NOT showing on either of our credit reports!!! 🙂 !!! So my loan guy is gonna work on our pre approval in a bit for a VA loan. We are absolutely ecstatic!! VA loan process takes a lil longer to do but we are fine. I can’t thank you enough Tony for all your help. Best holiday gift we could ever have.
Mary Jane Hernandez-Borbon
I was represented by the Piccuta Law Group, LLP in a lawsuit. I was pleased with the result and how they handled the case. They were easy to get in touch with and always provided me with updates about my case so I knew what was going on at all times. My case was an hourly case and the amount they charged was much less than I expected. Mr. Piccuta spent a lot of time on communicating and mediating between the parties which saved me a big battle in court and the extra money and stress that comes along with it. I am very thankful and satisfied. I will recommend them to any friends that need legal help and will use them again in the future if I do!
Louise K.
Charles Piccuta represented me in a dispute I had with a former employer. I left a company I was working for and shortly after received a cease and desist letter from the company’s attorney. The letter wrongfully accused me of taking confidential client contact information and threatened me with legal action. The attorney from the company was aggressive and confrontational. However, after I hired Charles Piccuta to handle the matter, the other attorney’s attitude completely changed.

Most importantly, after I hired Charles Piccuta I had complete peace of mind because I knew that he would handle it. I also knew that I wouldn’t get bullied because I didn’t have an attorney. Shortly after I hired him, he resolved the matter and I never heard from the company or its attorney again. It was worth every dollar spent. I wouldn’t hesitate to use him again in the future if I have a legal problem.

Matt L.
I switched to the Piccuta Law Group after the firm representing me failed to file a lawsuit for my personal injury accident. My accident involved a high speed collision where my nine month old and nine year old son and daughter were in the car. The former firm was trying to get me to settle my case for an amount they claimed was a “great offer.” The insurance company’s offer barely offered anything to compensate my children and was less than I expected.

The former firm only met with me when they thought I was going to switch attorneys, barely discussed my case with me before that and never took a sworn statement from the other side. The former firm also told me that they didn’t think that we could claim damages for my children. It left me wondering why I hired an attorney to take 1/3 of my settlement if all they were going to do was collect my medical records and send them to the insurance company before settling. I could do that myself.

My experience with the attorneys from the Piccuta Law Group was completely different. I met with Charles Piccuta in person and he spent time discussing my case with me, going over the attorney agreement and explaining the legal process. He analyzed the strength and weaknesses of my case and we developed a plan to maximize my settlement. Within weeks he had filed and served a lawsuit, confirmed that the police were prosecuting the other driver for being on prescription medication at the time of the accident and advanced claims for emotional distress on behalf of my son.

The Piccuta Law Group is a professional law firm and the attorneys earn their money. This is not a “churn and burn” outfit. I couldn’t be more satisfied with my decision to use them and would recommend them to anyone with an injury case.

Tiffany T.
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