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Current Cases

Current Cases Handled By Our Attorneys

Elderly Driver v. Construction Company
We represent a sixty-two year old woman who fractured her vertebrae after the car she was driving was struck by a commercial truck in downtown San Jose. The commercial truck entered the intersection when it was unsafe to do so and caused the collision. The offending driver claimed that he did not know if our client was going to proceed through the intersection and turned in front of her despite our client having the right of way. The offending driver also claimed that he had a green arrow in his direction and the collision was our client’s fault. Our client is currently undergoing pain management and may need a surgery for her injury. We are pursuing damages for our client’s injuries, past medical expenses, future medical treatment and pain and suffering.

Wrongfully Terminated Worker v. Major Southern California Mall
We represent a worker that was hired to install holiday decorations at a major Southern California shopping center. Out client installed the holiday decorations with a crew of other workers during the hours the mall was closed at night. During one of his shifts he had to use the bathroom. However, no facilities were open or provided. Our client was forced to relieve himself in an open area in the shopping center. Our client was terminated as a result. We are pursuing claims on his behalf because he was wrongfully terminated. The shopping center had a duty to provide him with adequate bathroom facilities and failed to. They should have apologized for this failure, but instead chose to fire him.

Police Abuse Victim v. Police Department
We represent a young man who was tasered and beaten by five police officers while handcuffed. Our client was allegedly pulled over because his motorcycle license plate light was not bright enough. Our client’s motorcycle was impounded as a result. Our client was arrested after he left the scene of the traffic stop because he refused to help the police unlock the motorcycle handlebars. During transport to the police station, the officer driving our client stopped his vehicle, radioed for additional officers and collectively beat our client to the point where he required ambulance transport to the emergency room. Our client was then criminally prosecuted for resisting arrest and found not guilty by a jury. We filed a lawsuit for civil rights violations, excessive force, battery, infliction of emotional distress and other claims.

Injured Artist v. Chain Nursery
We represent an established artist that slipped on a puddle as she was entering a well-known chain nursery. The puddle was the result of a leak that the nursery knew about. The fall left our client with injuries to her shoulder, elbow and back. Our client is unable to raise her dominant arm as a result of the fall. Our client’s livelihood is now compromised as she is unable to paint. We are seeking damages on her behalf for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost income and future earnings.

Injured Motorcycle Rider v. Negligent Operator
We represent a client who suffered a severe leg injury when the motorcycle she was riding on was struck by another vehicle. Our client’s leg was fractured and nearly severed off as a result. The injury was so severe that our client required air evacuation by a medical helicopter to San Jose Regional Medical Center. Our client underwent surgery to repair her leg which included the installation of a titanium rod and hardware. Our client then required to subsequent surgeries as her leg did not heal properly. Our client’s medical expenses are in excess of half a million dollars and it is doubtful if she will ever regain full functioning of her leg. We filed a lawsuit and litigation is ongoing.

Burn Victim v. Major Chain Restaurant
We represent a five year old child who sustained second degree burns while dining at a major chain restaurant made famous for its desserts and large menu selection. Our client was dining at the restaurant when a server knocked over a tea kettle causing it to break and spill scalding hot water on our client’s legs. Our client immediately suffered severe and painful burns and was transported to a local burn center by ambulance. We filed a lawsuit asserting a claim for negligence and to recover for our client’s pain, suffering, medical expenses, disfigurement and emotional disturbance.

Dog Attack Victim v. Dog Owner
We represent a client who was attacked by a dog outside a local grocery store. The dog belonged to an employee at the grocery store. The owner of the dog introduced the dog to our client and the dog without provocation viciously bit our client around her face and ear. The dog was restrained by the owner as our client attempted to gain her bearings. The dog then broke free from its owner and bit our client a second time in her shoulder and back. Our client suffered facial scarring, a detached ear lobe, deep puncture wounds, muscle damage, extreme post-traumatic stress and emotional injuries. We are seeking a recovery to compensate her for her injuries.

Injured Correctional Officer v. Negligent Driver
We represent a correctional officer who was on her way home from work at night when a vehicle turned in front of her. As a result, our client contacted the vehicle head on at a high rate of speed. The impact was severe and emergency medical responders were required to remove our client from the vehicle. Our client was transported to the hospital where she was diagnosed with a broken back. Our client has lost several months of work and is currently undergoing physical therapy so that she can walk and function at the level required to perform her demanding job. We file suit against the negligent driver and litigation is ongoing.

Deaf Cosmetologist v. Grocery Store
We represent a deaf cosmetologist who fell over an obstruction at a grocery store in San Jose. Since our client is unable to hear, she was using her cell phone to text her son at the time she fell. Our client tripped over a pallet that was left in the aisle of the grocery store. Our client fractured her hand and has permanent symptoms which prevent her from performing repetitive motions. As a result, our client is unable to work and do hair to the extent she could do before. Our client has a significant loss of future earnings claim, as well as claims for medical expenses and pain and suffering.

Wrongfully Imprisoned Parolee v. Parole Officer and Sherriff’s Department
We represent a client who was wrongfully imprisoned after his former parole officer illegally searched his home and arrested him for an alleged parole violation. At the time of the search, our client was discharged from parole and the parole officer had no right to search his residence or arrest him. Our client was booked, incarcerated and defamed when the arrest was published on the police blotter and internet. We filed claims for wrongful imprisonment, civil rights violations, negligence, defamation and other claims.

Business Seller v. Business Buyer
We represent a client who sold her San Jose nail salon business. The buyer of the nail salon was unsuccessful in operating the business and then sued our client after our client opened up a new nail salon. The buyer sued our client for multiple claims including fraud, breach of covenant of good faith and fair dealing, misappropriation of trade secret, conversion, interference with prospective economic advantage, among other claims. We filed counter claims against the buyer including a claim for interference with prospective economic advantage based on evidence that the buyer lied to our client’s former customers by telling them that our client had left the country. We also discovered evidence showing that the buyer made the same amount of income that our client did when she operated the business. As s result, the buyer’s claim that our client misrepresented the financials of the business was unwarranted. The matter is currently set for trial.

Injured Minor v. Inflatable Slide Provider
We represent a nine year old girl and her family for injuries she sustained when she visited a commercial pumpkin patch. The pumpkin patch provided inflatable slides, bounce houses and other attractions for children to play on for a fee. Our minor client went down the inflatable slide when a design feature of the slide caused her to launch wildly into the air mid-ride. When our client landed she broke her leg. We filed suit against the owner of the pumpkin patch who provided the slide because we believe he was negligent for providing a slide that was dangerous for children. We also advanced claims for product liability because the design of the slide was dangerous and the slide was improperly labeled to warn users of the dangers.

Injured Driver v. Best Buy
We represent a young man who was rear ended by a Best Buy home theater installation truck. The impact from the rear end collision caused our client injuries including a compression fracture of a lumbar vertebrae. Our client also suffered cervical and lumbar strains and had to undergo physical therapy and medical treatment for several months.

Police Abuse Victim v. Sheriff’s Office
We represent a man who was pulled over by sheriff’s deputies for allegedly not having license plates on his vehicle. However, our client had purchased the used vehicle earlier that day and had the proper license sticker in his rear window. When our client exited the vehicle and asked the sheriff’s deputies why he had been pulled over, they refused to provide a reason and forcefully took control of him. They placed our client in a rear naked choke hold causing him to lose consciousness and oxygen to his brain. Our client was transported to the hospital by ambulance from the scene. Shortly after, our client experienced vision issues as a result of the trauma. Our client is now legally blind because of the excessive force used by the deputies and can no longer drive a vehicle or enjoy other basic activities of daily living. We filed a lawsuit against the County and the deputies. The lawsuit is filed in federal court and the sides are currently awaiting the outcome of our client’s criminal case where he was charge with allegedly resisting arrest

Foreclosed Homeowner v. Big Name Bank
We represent a foreclosed homeowner in his appeal of the dismissal of his federal court lawsuit for wrongful foreclosure. Our client sued his bank after it promised him a loan modification, but failed to deliver. Instead, the bank transferred his loan to a different creditor who foreclosed on the home in complete disregard of the bank’s representations that they would provide our client with a loan modification. Our client was represented by other attorneys when his lawsuit for wrongful foreclosure was dismissed. The client’s other attorneys were not up to the challenge of filing an appeal to the United States Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. As a result, our client sought us out to take on the complicated appeal. The appeal is currently pending.

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