Piccuta Takes Sworn Statements in Maritime Case Where Client Lost Eyesight

On June 26th and 27th, Piccuta Law Group attorney, Charles “Tony” Piccuta, headed South to Ventura, California to take the sworn statements of four Defendants in a maritime lawsuit. Piccuta filed the case in the United States District Court in Los Angeles on behalf of his out of state client. The case is entitled Bakkila v. CISCO’S Sportfishing, Inc., Et Al. and is designated case # 5:17-CV-02438.

In July 2016, the firm’s client boarded a deep sea fishing charter trip with his son. The client chose the fishing charter company, in large part, because it marketed that it was appropriate for novices or others with little to no experience. The fishing charter company did not disclose the potential for serious injuries or warn that safety equipment, such as safety glasses, should be used. The crew of the fishing boat did not provide any guidance on best fishing practices or safety precautions to any of the twenty-one passengers who paid to be on the trip that day.

While the client was on the boat, the fishing line of another passenger became lodged in seaweed. The other passenger tried to free his fishing line by pulling it back repeatedly. This resulted in the fishing line being under tension. The line snapped and a metal fishing weight struck the client, who was standing nearby, in his right eye. The globe of the client’s eye exploded resulting in the permanent loss of vision. Now, the client is no longer able to work in his previous job as a construction foreman or drive an automobile.

Piccuta took the depositions of the captain of the boat, the boat owner and the owners of the fishing charter company. Piccuta focused his questioning on safety practices, past injury incidents, the advertising of the fishing charter business, the lack of warnings to customers regarding the risks associated with sportfishing and absence of safety measures. Piccuta is claiming lost earnings, pain, suffering, medical expenses and loss of normal living on behalf of his client.

Piccuta is also representing the client’s wife for her claim for the loss of services of her husband due to his injuries. Piccuta is pursuing a seven figure recovery for his clients. The parties will attend mediation before taking the case to trial.

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