Piccuta Law Group Settles Motorcycle Accident Case Causing Brain Injury for Policy Limits

Earlier this month, the Piccuta Law Group settled a motorcycle accident case resulting in a mild traumatic brain injury for policy limits. The firm’s client was a student at CSUMB when she was rear ended on her motorcycle while stopped at a stop sign. The impact caused the firm’s client to be thrust forward off her motorcycle and her head made contact with the roadway.

The client was transported to the trauma center at Natividad hospital and treated for her injuries. The client eventually lost her job as a result of the collision and was also unable to complete her classes for one semester. The client spent several months recovering from her injuries.

Due to the severity of the client’s injuries, the firm was able to quickly obtain the full amount available under the at-fault driver’s insurance policy. The firm was also able to negotiate substantial reductions in the amounts owed to the medical creditors so that the client received a substantial sum. The client may now use her settlement for additional studies and coursework to advance her future.

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