Piccuta Law Group has Attorneys Licensed to Practice in Both Arizona and California

The Piccuta Law Group has attorneys that regularly handle cases in Arizona and California. The founding partner of Piccuta Law Group, LLP is Charles Tony Piccuta. Piccuta has taken and passed four bar exams—all on the first try.  He is licensed to practice law in Arizona, California, Illinois and Nevada.

With his Arizona and California law licenses, Piccuta regularly handles lawsuits in California courts as well as courts in Arizona. As such, if any local resident is injured while in Arizona, Piccuta is able to represent those individuals there.

When asked about handling cases in Arizona, Piccuta said “Many California residents travel to Arizona for work or vacation. If a local resident is hurt in Arizona, they are usually forced to hire an attorney there who they cannot meet with here. I like being able to help Californians locally with problems they may encounter when they are out of state visiting Arizona.”

While there may be other attorneys in California who also have a license to practice in Arizona, Piccuta is different. Piccuta maintains an active Arizona practice and regularly handles cases both in Arizona and California. Piccuta has an office in Scottsdale, Arizona and is a member of several Arizona law organizations such as the Arizona Association of Justice and Maricopa County Bar Association. That is an important factor to consider when hiring an attorney. Although an attorney may have a license to practice in another state, if he does not regularly handle cases there, he may be unfamiliar with the laws, courts, and rules required to win your case.

Currently, Piccuta handles several cases in both California and Arizona. The majority of the cases involve injury accidents or police brutality/excessive force cases. However, Piccuta will consider any case where someone was damaged due to the wrongdoing of another. The Piccuta Law Group is currently handling cases ranging from commercial disputes to medical malpractice. Last month, the Piccuta Law Group resolved lawsuits involving legal malpractice as well as the misappropriation of intellectual property. Contact the Piccuta Law Group today if you have a case in California or Arizona and need top flight representation.