Piccuta Law Group Enters Police Brutality Case In San Joaquin County Superior Court

Last week, the Piccuta Law Group entered a new police brutality case pending in San Joaquin County Superior Court in Stockton, California. The Case is entitled Joseph Green v. City of Stockton, Et Al. and is designated case # 39-2011-00271041-CU-PO-STK. The firm was retained by the Plaintiff, Joseph Green, after he was unhappy with his attorney who wanted him to settle his case early and did not want to go to trial. Green hired the Piccuta Law Group because of its reputation of always being ready for a fight and not being afraid to take a case to the jury.

The case involves an undercover Stockton police officer that used excessive force on the firm’s client. Green was 16 years old when he was at a gas station in Stockton, California with his mother and five year old sister. Green was purchasing candy for his sister and was in a discussion with the clerk as to why he would not accept a torn dollar bill. An undercover Stockton police officer then told Green to leave.

Green exchanged words with the officer and then did so by exiting the store. The officer then grabbed Green from outside the store, drug him inside and threw him to the ground. He then repeatedly punched Green in the face and then sat on top of him. The officer split Green’s lip, knocked out his two front teeth and cracked others. The officer claims that Green was resisting arrest and struggled with him. Video surveillance shows that Green did not resist or struggle with the officer and that the officer repeatedly punched him in the face for no reason.

Actual photos of the client’s injuries below:


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