Piccuta Attends Traumatic Brain Injury Legal Seminar in Southern California

On February 23rd and 24th, Charles Tony Piccuta of the Piccuta Law Group, attended a conference in San Diego, California focusing on Traumatic Brain Injuries and the presentation of those injuries at trial. Piccuta was one of the only Monterey County attorneys who traveled to, and attended, the two day conference. The conference included two straight days of instruction and lectures from experts in: brain injury medical research, brain injury medical treatment and presentation of those injuries at trial.

The Piccuta Law Group regularly represents clients who have sustained brain injuries. Brain injuries frequently result from car accidents, slip and falls and assaults. The injuries can be mild like a concussion, to a severe traumatic brain injury that results in: mental defects, loss of memory, deficits in motor-functioning, emotional control issues, vision problems and speech problems. Our firm routinely handles lawsuits involving clients with brain injuries.  We have experience handling these cases and have achieved terrific results.

The conference included over 16 hours of legal presentations and medical discussions on: neuro-cognitive impairment, long term effects of traumatic brain injuries, eye-tracking issues, CTE developments, challenges in diagnosing mild brain injuries, understanding the disease process of a brain injury, cutting-edge imaging technologies for brain injuries, among several other important topics on how best to present the medical aspect of a brain injury case.

The attorneys at the Piccuta Law Group routinely attend conferences and seminars to learn the latest information in the areas of law and medicine. Our attorneys regularly participate in programs and conventions designed to improve our practice and sharpen our trial skills. If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury due to the negligence of another, contact one of our skilled Monterey personal injury attorneys today.