Discovery Starts In Maritime Case Where Client Was Blinded on Fishing Charter Boat

This week discovery began in a case where the firm represents a man who was struck with a sinker while aboard a charter fishing boat. The client lost vision in his right eye. Discovery is the process in a case where each side seeks out relevant evidence to their case. This is through written questions, document requests and taking statements of witnesses under oath. The term “discovery” is accurate, because each side is attempting to discover facts and evidence to help them win their case.

The injury happened when the client was aboard a charter fishing boat in Southern California. The client was deep sea fishing with his son. The client scheduled the deep sea fishing trip after viewing the company’s website and believing it would be appropriate for people who did not fish regularly. The client was aboard the boat with about twenty other passengers who had paid for a day of chartered fishing on the Pacific Ocean.

Before the client got on the boat and while on board, little to no safety instructions were provided. The crew, captain and charter company did not tell the passengers to wear protective eyewear or warn of the dangers associated with deep sea fishing. The client was fishing next to another passenger who was reeling in a line caught in seaweed. As the passenger did so, he continually yanked his pole upward causing it to become under great tension due to the seaweed. No crew stopped the individual or intervened to cut his line. After several minutes, the line snapped, and a metal weight on the line came back toward the boat like a bullet striking the client in the eye. The client has permanently lost vision in that eye as a result and was left disfigured.

The Piccuta Law Group filed a lawsuit asserting claims against the boat owner and operators for their negligence and misrepresentations. Specifically, the lawsuit claims that the charter company purposefully hid the dangers associated with their deep sea fishing charters to attract more customers. The lawsuit also claims that the captain and crew: did not instruct passengers on safety, did not explain best fishing practices, did not intervene and cut the line, did not stop the passenger from unsafely reeling in his line, failed to warn of the risks associated with fishing and failed to require passenger to wear protective eyewear.

The case is currently pending in Federal Court in the Central District of California located in Los Angeles. It is entitled Roy Bakkila v. CISCOS, Et Al.  It is designated case #5:17-CV-02438 and was filed under federal maritime law.

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