Charles Tony Piccuta Completes First Week of Jury Trial in Motorcycle Injury Case

This week attorney Charles “Tony” Piccuta of the Piccuta Law Group finished the first week of a jury trial in the Monterey County Superior Court. The case involves a motorcycle crash that caused the firm’s client to sustain a grade 3B open compound fracture of her lower leg. The firm is seeking to recover for the client’s pain, suffering, disability and loss of normal living.

A jury was selected and opening statements were given on the first two days of trial. Piccuta then proceeded to present the client’s case in chief. During the first week, Piccuta called six witnesses, including the driver of a car involved in the crash, a passenger of the car, the investigating officer, Plaintiff’s last treating orthopedic surgeon and two other witnesses who claimed to have observed the crash.

The defendant in the case is the driver of the motorcycle on which the firm’s client was riding. The defendant is contesting liability and claiming he was not at fault for causing the crash. The trial will continue through next week and a verdict is expected then.