Charles Tony Piccuta Attends Advanced Trial Presentation Seminar in Arizona

On April 12-15, 2018, attorney Charles “Tony” Piccuta of the Piccuta Law Group traveled to Phoenix, Arizona to attend an advanced trial presentation seminar. The intensive four day workshop taught innovative techniques to help trial attorneys convey the facts of the case to a jury. The techniques learned are supposed to help the jury see the facts through the eyes of the person testifying. If done properly, the techniques should transport the jury to the scene being described and allow jurors to form a visual image in their minds of the events being described.

The program is entitled the Trojan Horse Method and hosted by founder and attorney Dan Ambrose. It was the 52nd Trojan Horse training workshop and is only offered to attorneys that represent Plaintiffs. The Trojan Horse Method is being taught to advanced trial attorneys across the Country and covers topics such as case framing, case structuring, witness preparation, persuasive argument and effective direct and cross examination.

The attorneys at the Piccuta Law Group are dedicated trial attorneys who are always seeking to improve their trial practice. Our attorneys believe that you cannot maximize the value of a case without going to trial or without the other side knowing you are willing to do so. Contact the Piccuta Law Group today if you are seeking a skilled trial attorney or have a case where maximizing the recovery is important to you.