Case Handled by Piccuta Law Group Featured in Copyright Docket Report

Earlier this month, a case handled by the Piccuta Law Group was featured in the Copyright Docket Report. The case is entitled Travis Baird, Et Al. v. Rok Drinks, LLC, Et Al. and is pending in federal court in the Central District of California. The firm represents a small business owner in the case who produced some wine he branded as “Graffiti Wine.” The graffiti artists claim that the firm’s client used their graffiti images on the wine labels without their permission. The graffiti artists also claim that their rights under federal copyright law were violated as a result.

The Copyright Docket Report is circulated daily and summarizes every new copyright case and every noteworthy decision in copyright cases in U.S. district courts. The Copyright Docket Report reported a decision on a motion to dismiss in the case. The motion was filed on behalf of the firm’s client and was granted in part and denied in part.

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