Car Accident Lawsuit Settled for Two and a Half Times Initial Offer

This week, the Piccuta Law Group finalized the settlement of a hard fought car accident lawsuit. The car accident occurred in 2015 when the driver of a vehicle failed to yield at an intersection. Instead, the driver, who was a teenager, attempted a left turn when it was unsafe to do so causing a high impact collision. The firm’s clients were proceeding through the intersection when the teenager turned his vehicle directly into their path of travel. The firm’s clients, a mother and daughter heading home from soccer practice, both sustained concussions in the accident. The mother also suffered a neck injury.

When the insurance company refused to offer a fair settlement amount, the firm filed a lawsuit on behalf of the clients. The lawsuit was heavily contested and hard fought for more than a year.  The attorneys for the insurance company claimed that concussions were not serious injuries, that the impact of the collision could not have caused any concussions and that the mother’s neck injury was a previous condition unrelated to the crash.

The firm retained experts to testify otherwise and to assert their opinions as to the serious nature of the injuries and that those injuries were caused by the car crash. Due to the firm’s willingness to fight and skill, the case was resolved for two and a half times the amount initially offered. Charles “Tony” Piccuta was the lead attorney. When discussing the settlement, Piccuta said “This was a difficult case that we fought for a long time and put great effort into. We are glad that we were able to increase the final settlement to a higher amount that will provide a recovery for our clients. Most importantly, the client was satisfied with the result and the effort we put into this case.”

If you or a loved one were injured in a car accident, contact one of our Monterey personal injury attorneys today. Our attorneys specialize in handling accident injury cases. We have a proven track record of taking cases to court and to trial. We are not afraid of doing the extra work to obtain the best result. We will work hard to make sure that you and your loved ones receive top compensation for any injuries suffered.