Piccuta Law Group Takes On New Excessive Force Civil Rights Case Against Salinas Police

The Piccuta Law Group recently assumed representation against the Salinas Police Department for their officers’ excessive use of force on a young man at the Salinas Rodeo. The young man was a paying patron at the event. For no reason and without warning, Salinas police officers grabbed him and slammed him to the ground. More than four officers were involved in the beating. Several other officers stood around the beating and tried to shield spectators from viewing it.

The officers continued to strike the firm’s client for no reason while he was on the ground and not resisting arrest. The firm’s client was also beaten with a metal baton and handcuffed. He was not arrested and it is unclear as to why the officers took the action they did. Video footage exists showing the wrongful beating and unjustified use of force.

The firm’s client is a special needs educator. He has never been arrested and has never had any issue with law enforcement in the past. The firm is filing a notice of claim against the City of Salinas and its officers.

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