Piccuta Law Group Prepares for Trial in Low Impact Concussion Case

Last week, attorney Charles Tony Piccuta was in San Jose, California taking the video deposition of concussion expert Dr. Robert Nishime, MD. Dr. Nishime is a team physician for USA Judo, UFC, American Kick-Boxing Academy and San Jose State University Athletics. Dr. Nishime specializes in the treatment of athletes and conducts clinical studies on concussions and concussion recoveries in athletes.

Piccuta was taking the deposition of Dr. Nishime for presentation by video in an upcoming jury trial. Dr. Nishime treated the firm’s client for a concussion and post-concussive syndrome following a low impact, rear-end, accident. The trial is set for November 6th, 2017 in Santa Clara County Superior Court.

At the trial, Piccuta intends to present evidence supporting that his client sustained a concussion injury. He also intends to learn how a jury values a concussion and in what amount. Science in reason years has documented the serious nature of such injuries and supports that a single concussion may have permanent effects. Likewise, a single concussion can have consequences that may not be realized until advanced age. Piccuta believes that the public view of concussions, due largely in part by the notoriety such injuries have garnered through the NFL, has changed how the average person view these injuries. He will test his theory by asking a jury next month.