Civil Rights Case Won By the Piccuta Law Group Featured in Daily Journal, Jury Verdict Alert and Verdict Search

Earlier this month, a civil rights verdict obtained by the Piccuta Law Group on May 18, 2017 was featured in multiple legal newspapers and publications. The case, entitled Bryant v. Gallagher, involved the firm’s client who is a prisoner that alleged he was set up by prison guards to be assaulted by other inmates. The client alleged his leg was broken as a result of the assault.

At trial, the guards claimed that the client slipped in water. Charles Tony Piccuta argued that the evidence proved that the client was injured as a result of the attack and that the guards were lying. The jury agreed and unanimously found in favor of the client. The jury awarded $100,000 to the client for his pain and suffering and another $30,000 to punish the prison guards for their actions.

The tremendous result was reported in several legal publications. It was reported in the Daily Journal on July 17, 2017. It was reported in Verdict Search on or about July 15, 2017 as a featured verdict. It was also reported in Jury Verdict Alert.

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