Piccuta Law Group Settles Three Car Accident Cases in Last Thirty Days

The Piccuta Law Group has successfully resolved three personal injury car accident cases in the last thirty days. The first case involved a client who was rear-ended in Santa Clara County. The client treated for her resulting neck injuries. The firm obtained a settlement that covered all her medical expenses and allowed her to keep a significant share of the settlement.

The second case involved a sideswipe accident that occurred on Highway 1 in Monterey County. The firm was able to negotiate a policy limits settlement of $25,000.00. However, the client owed medical creditors over $75,000 for treatment he received as a result of the accident. The firm was able to negotiate discounted payoffs of those amounts so that the client received a substantial share of the settlement.    

The third case involved an intersection accident that occurred in Seaside, California. In that case, the other driver claimed that he was not at fault. However, a private investigator hired by the firm obtained statements supporting that he was. The firm was able to use these statements to negotiate a favorable settlement for the client.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a car crash or motor vehicle accident, contact the Piccuta Law Group today. One of our skilled personal injury attorneys will be able to evaluate your case and assist you.