Charles Tony Piccuta Travels to Texas to Take Sworn Statement of Individual Accused of Assisting Deputy in Using Excessive Force

On September 6th, 2017, attorney Charles Tony Piccuta traveled to Lubbock, Texas to take the deposition of a defendant in a lawsuit filed by the firm. The lawsuit was filed in the United States District Court and alleges that the firm’s client was the victim of excessive force. Specifically, the lawsuit alleges that a sheriff’s deputy, who was performing private security at a restaurant, slammed him face-first into the ground without justification.

The lawsuit alleges that the firm’s client sustained serious injuries. Specifically, the lawsuit alleges:

As a direct and proximate result of the above described unlawful conduct, Higgins sustained physical injuries, emotional injuries, psychological injuries and damages. His physical injuries include, but are not limited to: a traumatic brain injury, concussion, multiple skull fractures, a fractured nose, partially torn ligament in his left ankle, a deep gash on his forehead (that required twenty stitches and left a disfiguring facial scar), neck injury, lower back injury, bruising, swelling, abrasions and contusions. The injury to his brain and the experience itself has caused behavioral changes in Higgins. Since the incident, Higgins has experienced: recurrent headaches, fear, apprehension, anxiety, shock, humiliation, embarrassment, loss of his sense of security, dignity and self-worth, depression and severe emotional and psychological distress.  Higgins also incurred costs and liabilities for necessary medical care and lost time from work.

The injury occurred at an entertainment themed restaurant  called Main Event. The restaurant provides activities such as arcade games, bowling, billiards and laser tag. The firm’s client was apparently singled out and questioned by the sheriff’s deputy after the manager at the restaurant asked him to do so—the firm’s client was apparently being too rowdy while he was playing laser tag.

The lawsuit names the deputy, the restaurant and the manager that was involved. The sworn statement in Texas was of the manager who had moved there after the incident occurred.

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