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Past cases handled by our attorneys.

Injured Minor v. Negligent Driver: Obtained insurance policy limit settlement for a client who was a minor. The client broke his arm after the bike he was riding was struck by a motor vehicle operated by Defendant. Client was riding his bike in an alley when the vehicle from Defendant struck him from a side street. We claimed that Defendant was negligent for failing to keep a proper lookout and proceeding into an intersection without checking that it was safe to do so. The case settled on the eve of trial.

Innocent Investors v. Prominent Local Doctor: We represented the clients who were investors that got scammed by a prominent doctor that claimed he was going to invest their money in real estate. Instead, the doctor used the money to try and save some previous bad real estate investments he had made. The doctor obtained the investments by fraudulently concealing title documents through the help of a dishonest mortgage broker and forgery. Eventually the doctor’s scheme caught up to him and he tried to avoid repaying our clients by filing bankruptcy. We sued the doctor in the bankruptcy court. The judge found that the doctor was guilty of fraud and ordered him to repay our clients most of their money.

Roll Over Accident Victim v. Progressive Insurance: Recovered policy limits for a client who dislocated his hip and broke ribs as a result of a roll-over van accident. At the time of the injury, the client was working for a door-to-door magazine sales organization. The insurance company argued that there was no coverage because of a clause in the policy excluding employees from coverage. Mr. Piccuta successfully argued that the client was an independent contractor and not an employee. The court agreed and ordered that the insurance company was liable to the client for his injuries.

Foreclosed Homeowner v. Big Name Bank: We represented the client who was a homeowner after the bank wrongfully foreclosed on her home. The client fell behind on her mortgage payments and the bank suggested she apply for a loan modification. The client applied for a loan modification and was told that it was being processed and there was nothing to worry about. Shortly after, the bank denied her modification and foreclosed on her home without telling her. The bank later claimed that the modification was denied because it was not our client’s principal residence. However, the home was our client’s principal residence and she had lived there for over fifty years. We filed a lawsuit for client against the Bank. Ultimately the Bank made a “confidential” settlement, paying our client more than a million dollars.

Upset Dog Buyer v. Bomb Sniffing Dog Trainer: This case involved a contract dispute over the sale of five bomb-sniffing dogs. The client was the buyer and claimed that two of the dogs were not trained properly and did not perform as represented. A lawsuit was filed against the dog supplier for breach of contract and a favorable cash settlement was obtained for the client.

Unsatisfied Homeowner v. Contractor: Defended the client who was a general contractor in a lawsuit brought by a homeowner that claimed breach of contract and construction defect for work performed by the client. Successfully negotiated a quick and favorable settlement which limited the client’s exposure and allowed him to avoid trial.

Falsely Imprisoned Probationer v. County: We represented the client who was wrongfully incarcerated by the county. The client was on probation for DUI and required to file monthly probation reports. The probation officer claimed that the client failed to file three monthly reports. The probation officer arrested the client and threw him in jail. While in jail, our client suffered a minor heart attack and was taken to the ER of local hospital. Since our client had, in fact, filed all the required Monthly Report Forms we filed suit against the County and the probation officer. Although the County fought the case for five years, eventually the County agreed to pay the client over three-hundred thousand dollars to settle the matter.

Injured Driver v. Plumbing Company: Represented the client who suffered a lumbar disc herniation after the motor-vehicle he was driving was struck by a plumber in the course of his employment. The client received physical therapy and epidural injections for pain. The case settled shortly after a settlement conference and after completion of discovery.

Ripped-off Building Buyer v. Big Real Estate Developer: We represented the client against a real estate agent and developer who lied to our client in order to convince him to purchase an office building. The Developer and his real estate agent told our client the property was highly desirable and a good investment. After the close of escrow our client learned that the Developer had failed to disclose many negative things about the building that made it a bad investment. We filed a lawsuit against the Developer and his real estate agent for negligent misrepresentation and fraud. After trial, the defendants agreed to pay our client the difference between the purchase price and the true value of the office building.

Cocktail Waitress v. Employer Night Club: Represented the client who was a cocktail waitress in claim against her employer for a broken arm she suffered as a result of a slip and fall while working. The employer initially did not disclose available coverage and only agreed to pay claims after we took formal legal action against them.

General Contractor v. Dishonest Homeowner: We represented the client who was a general contractor against a dishonest homeowner. The client completed a major renovation of the homeowner’s residence. After the client had properly completed the job, the homeowner refused to pay him claiming that his work was defective and that he had over-charged him. We filed a lawsuit against the homeowner. In the process of preparing for trial, it was discovered that the property was located in a flood plain and that the homeowner had lied to the County in order obtain a building permit. After that discovery, we obtained a favorable settlement for our client.

Inter-Family Trust Issue: The client, his brother and his sister were life beneficiaries of a trust which had been created by their parents. Their grandchildren were the remainder beneficiaries. The trust included a large apartment building with a substantial positive cash flow. Our client’s brother (the bad brother) while living in the penthouse suite, did severe damage to it. The cost of repairing the damage was over $200,000.00. Our client wanted to get a loan, secured by the apartment building, to pay for the repairs and renovation. However, the bank refused to make the loan unless all the grandchildren, including the children of the bad brother (some of whom were minors) consented to the loan. We were able to persuade the bad brother and his adult children to cooperate in obtaining the loan. Thereafter we were able to persuade the bad brother’s ex-wife to accept an appointment as the guardian of their two minor children. We then successfully petitioned the probate court to appoint the ex-wife as guardian with independent powers so that the loan could be closed and the repairs and renovation completed.

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